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Number One for me and Kosong

Assalamualaikum (^^)/
Today im listening two new songs that has been airing on radio and youtube for couple of months (maybe??)..thanks to my lovely roomate for inform me. 
The song titles are Number one for me from Forgive Me's album. Artist by Maher Zain.  Another song is Kosong from youtube girl, Najwa Latif.
Honestly to tell, im not really interested with the artist but i really love their song if its "BEST" for my ear (^^;) hehehe..not yours....
Ok jum layan video klip Maher Zain - Number One for me...

Number One for me -  for my opinion its not suitable title for this song. As muslim, we already know mother is number three after Allah and Rasulullah. Yeah its true the lyrics is awesome and very touching our show how our mother is very meaning to us. -- maybe the title can be change to another name such as  'Lovely Mama' or 'Our Heaven'....this is just example...dont get mad to me...its just my not a great person to give evaluati…