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Oh My English (~~)/


Today i want to write my post in English. Hahaha...if there are broken words anywhere, please teach me with gentle and soft.

I know i am master's student, but hey, don't you know not all people can be perfect in all terms.

I wonder if i can be a perfect human? Hahaha..

While I blogwalking or facebookwalking, I just found something thought.

Teachers and parents want us as a student to excellent at all subjects in school. But why there are no teachers or parents can be excelent on that all subjects too?
Hurm...who can give the answer?...yea,,,you can?? ok please answer..and i will let him/she know it.

Right now my brain not function with properly. Because...i am hungry...arhhhhhh.... tummy upset with me...hahaha
Dear my tummy,
I'm so sorry because, i don't take breakfast this morning. Even 1 cup of oat milk. You know, for the last t…