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A thousand years

Hello everyone,
here we go today, with my bad english...hehehe
Today i'm wake up with one phone call from my new friend..oh will he think?? hahaha
I dont care...(≧∇≦)/
Someone has asking my lovely rumate whether i'm happy or not to be friend with him. The answer secret....(^_^)/
I'm not cheater.. like someone who betray me..if truly im not comfortable..i will be honest and tell u the truth...
Now im trying to forget everything that making me sad even hard....everyday i'm making new happy to know all about them..
We share knowledge and experience in life together..
And until last night i never know that maritim and navy are not same...such a s>> i am...hahaha
See...i told u before i'm not smart so much even i take master.
So why u all fear with my high education...I learn so high because of my stu>> not because of i'm smart...hehe
Ok enough, i know there is someone who hate me whenever i sa…