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Memaparkan catatan dengan label fever. Papar semua catatan

Heavy Fever


Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah that gives us good healthy today, but if one of u caught fever don't feel bad. Think positive and lets find good medicine to cure it. Ok?

Today my healthy also not as good as last week, because my doctor said i have gastric. I didn't think i will have   that disease cause i never checkup when my stomach ache. Hahaha...

Last Sunday i was go to the HOSHAH to make checkup, because i got headache, yeah heavy headache..may be u all ask if it is migraine... but i'm not sure.. because i am healthy person..(^^)/ its true

Before i go to the hospital, i had fever for all night and the temperature already down in the morning but, my head still hurt and at the afternoon, my stomach also ache ( butterfly in my stomach ;p ). So, after taken a few of panadol and it still cannot going, i decide to go to the hospital.

At hospital i take 3 samples blood....its not easy to take my blood because, my vein is very hard like steel...hahaha..joking..but its blood cannot be taken easily... 

So, my face already turn red and ready to cry...two nurse felt guilty and one of them give up on me. Hohoho...i'm not a bad person to do this to them, but honest its really hurt even i have donate my blood 8 times..hurm maybe this time i'm not in good condition that makes me feel hurt when i get the injection. 

So after give all the samples they want, the result that i get is....NOTHING...they told me i'm NORMAL..its mean i'm healthy..... see  i told you before i am healthy person or GAGAH PERKASA ;p hehehe

They also give hypothesis my stomache is simptom to gastric...oh now i know my friends feeling when they have gastric..

Ohh..ohh,,this is gastric...white liquid that taste like colgate is the best medicine for gastric.... now i know ...( still excited until i writing rite now)

Oklah....need to go...i'm blogging at car workshop..and my baby suffiyah sleeping near to me..all people looking weird to me...hahaha...

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