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Heavy Fever

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah that gives us good healthy today, but if one of u caught fever don't feel bad. Think positive and lets find good medicine to cure it. Ok?
Today my healthy also not as good as last week, because my doctor said i have gastric. I didn't think i will have   that disease cause i never checkup when my stomach ache. Hahaha...
Last Sunday i was go to the HOSHAH to make checkup, because i got headache, yeah heavy headache..may be u all ask if it is migraine... but i'm not sure.. because i am healthy person..(^^)/ its true
Before i go to the hospital, i had fever for all night and the temperature already down in the morning but, my head still hurt and at the afternoon, my stomach also ache ( butterfly in my stomach ;p ). So, after taken a few of panadol and it still cannot going, i decide to go to the hospital.
At hospital i take 3 samples blood....its not easy to take my blood because, my vein is very hard like steel...hahaha..joking.…